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The butane torch is well-known to dabbers, jewelers, researchers, and artists. They use it for everything from conducting important scientific experiments to creating stunning fashion accessories and artwork, to copping what some consider the ultimate buzz.

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Anyone who has ever spent any time in the woods is familiar with the scourge of insects that descend upon hunters, hikers, fishermen, and campers during the warm weather months. It’s enough to make some people reconsider their love of the outdoors and to cause others to only venture into the wild after the first frost hits.

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We needed to make the move from free shipping to rates directly calculated from UPS for a couple reasons. We wanted to take the time to explain our decisions behind this and to make sure all of our long time, and new, customers understand why we had to do this. We’ve done a thorough cost analysis and tightened our base prices such that the majority of our customers will actually see a decrease in the total cost while a few will see a very slight increase.

The simplest reason is just that bottled butane is heavy.

Some of the 12 packs of refined butane weigh as much as 8 lbs each making the master cases weigh over 60 lbs in total. This creates a huge discrepancy in shipping costs depending where we ship the item. We’re about as centrally located within the US that you can get here in Denver, Colorado.

We ship our bottled butane the right way. Unfortunately, not all of our competitors do. We maintain a special HazMat Certification with UPS that ensures your items are packed, labeled, and shipped safely from Denver to your location and every touch point in-between. We re-certify with UPS ever 2 years which is an additional cost we carry the burden on in addition to purchasing the proper packaging and shipping materials to comply with all the standards.

When we ship a 60 pound plus master case to the farthest corners of the country the total shipping cost can be over $100 which is 2 times the cost of shipping within Colorado or to neighboring states. Under the previous free shipping policy that meant we were both losing money in certain instances and essentially forcing all the other customers closer to us to make up that difference. Our new pricing and direct rate calculation from UPS is the most equitable way of moving forward and for the majority of our customers it will lower the total cost of purchasing butane from us.

We appreciate all of our long time customers all over the US.

Butane torches in assorted colors by Newport Butane

The butane torch is valued for, among other things, its ability to focus an intense amount of heat into a small area. Butane torch lighters are a favorite among dabbers but they have myriad other uses as well.

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Gloved hand holding butane torch in home workshop

The butane torch is, in many respects, a blissfully simple tool that is as reliable as it is versatile and effective. It has proven itself time and again in kitchens, laboratories, jewelry shops, artist studios and even automotive garages and home workshops for years.

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Close up view of lit butane torch's flame

Many people bunch butane torches in with common disposable cigarette lighters. But they are not the same thing. The butane torch is not a mere convenience, it’s a bona fide tool that is used in medical laboratories, Michelin-rated restaurants and by jewelry makers and artists the world over. Like any tool, there are certain safety considerations that come into play when using a butane torch, as well as ways you should and should not handle it, and right and wrong ways to refill and maintain it. Below, we’re going to provide some basic tips related to all these issues.

Butane Torch Safety Tips

A butane torch is not a toy or a mere cigarette lighter. Improper or unsafe use could lead to serious injury. Here are some basic safety tips that owners of butane torches should adhere to.

  • Whether you’re a dabber or a research scientist you shouldn’t wear clothes made of highly flammable synthetic fabrics when using a butane torch.
  • Always make sure that the area where you’re using the butane torch is properly ventilated.
  • If you are using butane torches at home or work you should make sure there is a working fire extinguisher at the ready in case of an accident.
  • Always use refined butane such as Puretane or Whip-it! in your butane torch as this will ensure the torch does not become clogged with impurities, which could impede performance and create safety issues.
  • If you have young children make sure any butane torch you bring into the house has a safety lock on it and that you engage that lock whenever you are not using the torch.
  • Jewelers, artists and lab workers should always wear protective eye gear when using a butane torch.
  • Never use more flame than you need. We would recommend getting a butane torch with an adjustable flame so you can ratchet it up or down as needed.

The Right Way to Refill Your Butane Torch

The first thing you need to do before refilling your butane torch is to purge it of old butane. To do this turn the torch upside down with the head on a table top. Insert a screwdriver into the gas port and press. When you do this you should hear a hissing sound as the old gas leaves the torch. Keep holding the screwdriver in place until the hissing stops. Once you’ve purged the torch of old butane you can refill it. To do that:

  • Make certain that the gas flow is turned off.
  • Turn the torch upside down again. On the button, you will see a refill port (yes, the same port you just used to purge the old gas).
  • Uncap the canister of butane, flip it upside down and insert the nozzle into the refill port.
  • Push the nozzle down into the port and hold it, applying even pressure while the gas moves from the canister into the torch.
  • It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 seconds to refill the torch, so don’t hold it for too long.
  • Once full, flip the torch back over and stand it up on the tabletop, then recap the canister and store it away properly.
  • Finally, wait a few minutes before using the refilled torch.


The butane torch is not a toy and not a cigarette lighter. It’s a tool with myriad applications and like the rest of your tools, it needs to be respected and treated properly. Always use refined butane like Puretane, Ignitus, Whip-it! or Newport butane and make sure to internalize the above tips. That way you’ll ensure the safe and effective operation of your butane torch.