ButaneSource.com was founded on the simple principle of providing a variety of high quality butane at very competitive prices to cigar, lighter, and torch enthusiasts across the United States. Today we work directly with the top brands in the industry to secure the cleanest, highest preforming butane and the very best butane lighters and jet torches.

We know that good customer service is important to all of our customers and that often times recieving even basic support from an online vendor can be a chore. We’ll respond to your emails and submissions on the contact form¬†quickly and accurately. Don’t get stuck posting on some random seller’s meta-vendor site wall or message board for support. At ButaneSource.com you get fast online support and¬†phone supoprt Monday through Friday during business hours; even most weekends–just type or call!


Centrally located in Denver, Colorado we’re able to ship to every corner of the continental United States quickly and at reasonable shipping rates. This allows us to offer all of our customers fast shipping on every item we sell. We package everything safely and securely and ship UPS Ground within the lower 48 states. Because butane needs to be shipped in accordance with various hazardous materials requirements it needs to be delivered by truck only and can not hop on a plane.

The brands we sell and the companies behind them are crucial to our success and reputation. For this reason we’ve carefully vetted all of our manufacturers and their products and we’re excited to showcase the very best butane gases available alongside world-class butane torches and lighters.

We appreciate you stopping by.

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