Puretane ButaneFor the first time in nearly twenty years, the United States is producing more oil than it’s importing from other countries. It’s rather surprising then that very few companies are producing American-made refined butane. In fact, the vast majority of bottled butane sold in the American market is produced overseas in either Europe or Asia.

Although butane classics like Colibri and Newport have been around for decades, they often get stuck with the “tried and true” and are averse to innovation. It is rare that a butane company comes along and does something truly different. Puretane is exactly that company.

The Very Recent History of Puretane Butane: What Makes It Different?

Adam Hopkins started Puretane just a year ago with one main idea in mind: purity. Now called the “butane cowboy,” Hopkins is an entrepreneur well known within the counter culture community for his unique products and passion. Puretane butane is just his latest venture into a new and completely untapped market.

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Whether you’re a professional plumber or just the home handyman, you may rely on a soldering iron for quick repairs, installation, or electronics assembly. Although there are many types of soldering irons to choose from, there are a few reasons why a cordless butane-fueled model might be the best tool for the job.

What is a Soldering Iron?

Multi-purpose soldering irons are used across fields and professions to melt the solder, which is the malleable metal alloy that joins metal pieces together. Solders work because they have a lower melting point than the surrounding pieces of metal, so that they can be used to join together pieces that need to stay intact. Soldering irons have a heated metal tip that melts the solder and an insulated handle. Traditionally, simple soldering irons have been composed of a copper bit that was heated in a flame prior to use. Although many soldering irons are electric, some portable soldering irons are heated by the combustion of butane gas, which is stored in a small tank. Soldering irons are commonly used for:

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