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Puretane ButaneFor the first time in nearly twenty years, the United States is producing more oil than it’s importing from other countries. It’s rather surprising then that very few companies are producing American-made refined butane. In fact, the vast majority of bottled butane sold in the American market is produced overseas in either Europe or Asia.

Although butane classics like Colibri and Newport have been around for decades, they often get stuck with the “tried and true” and are averse to innovation. It is rare that a butane company comes along and does something truly different. Puretane is exactly that company.

The Very Recent History of Puretane Butane: What Makes It Different?

Adam Hopkins started Puretane just a year ago with one main idea in mind: purity. Now called the “butane cowboy,” Hopkins is an entrepreneur well known within the counter culture community for his unique products and passion. Puretane butane is just his latest venture into a new and completely untapped market.

One trip to the Puretane website let’s you know what the company is all about. A large, waving American flag serves as the background for the bold words, “Proudly Made in the USA.” This assertion is not just based in brash patriotism, however. At the time of its inception, Puretane was the only wholly American butane company, from its gulf oil extraction to its refinery in Shreveport, Louisiana to its bottling in Long Beach, California. Other so-called “American” butane companies such as Ronson and SToK are actually owned by larger companies in the UK. Ronson is chock full of organic sulfur compounds that make it especially toxic. Because butane is odorless and colorless, sulfur must be added so that butane leaks can be detected. Unfortunately, sulfur is toxic if ingested in those large quantities. As a compromise, Hopkins prepares Puretane with just enough medical-grade sulfur, what amounts to only one ten-thousandth of a percent, so that it is less toxic, but still ensures that people will identify potential danger.

As its name implies, Puretane is 99.99% pure n-butane. Puretane prides itself on being the purest butane on the market, with only .0002% composed of isobutane. While other companies claim that their butanes are triple refined, seven or eleven times filtered, etc., Hopkins aptly points out that the number of filters is not as important as the quality of the filtering process. American refineries are held to stricter standards than their European and Asian counterparts, resulting in a better and purer product, no matter how many times it was passed through the filter. Because they are so controlled, United States refineries are guaranteed to meticulously clean their equipment after every process so that nothing is contaminated before the next batch. Within these especially clean machines, the thorough process of fractional distillation separates the hydrocarbons of natural gas to produce the very purest butane available. In addition, Puretane is the only butane manufacturer that produces its own cans and valves. Cheaply made Asian bottles are not regulated and may contain residues of mysterious, unknown substances that are not listed on the label. Puretane butane is 9x filtered, triple refined, and has zero impurities for the cleanest possible burn.

Why Give Puretane Butane a Chance?

People are creatures of habit. It can be difficult to stray beyond our normal routines or make different choices. But sometimes, taking a chance on something new, whether it be a product or an experience, really pays off. Here are the top two reasons you should try Puretane butane.

  1. Puretane is 100% American-Made
  2. Although some products are superior when manufactured overseas (automobiles are at the crux of this debate), there are some items that are just better when they’re made close to home. Think of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats of a farmer’s market as opposed to frozen meals with various food parts made out of who knows what. American products are guaranteed to not be made in sweatshops, are not the product of abusive labor practices, have better standards for purity and sanitation, and adhere to all U.S. environmental protocols.

  3. Puretane is the Purest Butane on the Market
  4. When it comes to butane, purity matters. Unlike other butane brands, which claim near zero impurities, Puretane declares itself to be completely impurity-free. While other brands buy cans and valves that are mass manufactured in Asia, Puretane produces its own bottle parts, and are able to eliminate any mystery substances that might appear in other butanes. Puretane believes that you should always know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Less pure butane is known to clog lighters, affect the flavor of your cigarette, cigar, or pipe, and produce flames that are unreliable in quality.

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