When you think of high quality butane, what comes to mind? If you answered characteristics like a long lasting burn, safe to use, and butane refill cartridges with a truly universal design, then let’s talk about Newport butane from UK-based Keen-Newport. With an unsurpassed history of innovation, by way of example their ground-breaking torch lighter refill canister, Keen-Newport has been setting the standards in the refined butane market for over 50 years. Whether you are refilling a cigarette lighter, a culinary torch for crème Brule, or looking for extended life butane for your camp stove, Keen-Newport has all your needs covered.

A Quick History of Newport

In 1963, tobacco industry veterans Geoff Keen and Ron Gibbons got together one evening to share a smoke and talk shop. Eventually, conversation meandered its way to a popular topic: How to design, build, and market a reliable, innovative, and inexpensive lighter refill system when competitors like Colibri had already established a foothold in the industry. Soon afterward, the men settled on a design for "a fully destenched aerosol butane lighter refill with 5 separate adaptors to refill all existing butane lighters in the UK market place" and the rest is history.

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Maybe your parents never told you this day would come, but it has. You need Colibri butane, Stok butane, or some other brand of butane in your life. The reasons are many. The next time you go camping for the weekend and it pours, making a camp fire impossible to start for cooking or heat, you will be happy to know your butane powered stove is available, rain or shine. The next time you use an inexpensive but reliable cigarette lighter, chances are better than average it is powered by refined butane.

Colibri Butane: An Icon Since 1928

In 1928, Julius Lowenthal founded Colibri after he had an epiphany of sorts: An idea for a semi automatic butane lighter that would replace clunkier models that were less efficient and dangerous to use. The rest is history, and Colibri Group hit the ground running, quickly establishing itself as a premier supplier of high quality and affordable lighters and smoking accessories known worldwide.

Today, the company produces and distributes more than two dozen unique lighters across three brands, the C-Series (Classic), D-Series (Design), and the T-Series(Tech). Known for their outstanding craftsmanship and reliability, Colibri’s lighters are the definition of confidence.

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