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Maybe your parents never told you this day would come, but it has. You need Colibri butane, Stok butane, or some other brand of butane in your life. The reasons are many. The next time you go camping for the weekend and it pours, making a camp fire impossible to start for cooking or heat, you will be happy to know your butane powered stove is available, rain or shine. The next time you use an inexpensive but reliable cigarette lighter, chances are better than average it is powered by refined butane.

Colibri Butane: An Icon Since 1928

In 1928, Julius Lowenthal founded Colibri after he had an epiphany of sorts: An idea for a semi automatic butane lighter that would replace clunkier models that were less efficient and dangerous to use. The rest is history, and Colibri Group hit the ground running, quickly establishing itself as a premier supplier of high quality and affordable lighters and smoking accessories known worldwide.

Today, the company produces and distributes more than two dozen unique lighters across three brands, the C-Series (Classic), D-Series (Design), and the T-Series(Tech). Known for their outstanding craftsmanship and reliability, Colibri’s lighters are the definition of confidence.

A Colibri Torch Lighter: The Epitome of Power, Style, and Reliability

Within each of the three brands are sub-classifications that speak to the company’s commitment to providing lighters at different price points and for different uses. Colibri sells single jet flame lighters, double jet flame models, triple jet flame lighters, soft flame lighters, and lighters targeted toward women. The company also sells other smoking accessories, including cigar cutters, cigar cases, and gift sets.

Natural Gas and Refined Butane: Just the Facts

There are many reasons natural gas production — and with it, the refinement of butane — has spiked in North America, and it is not just limited to wishing to curtail petroleum exports from the Middle East. Here are some interesting facts to be aware of the next time you purchase a disposable lighter.

  • Natural gas is clean burning, producing a whopping 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal powered facilities.
  • Most of the natural gas consumed in the North American market, approximately 98 percent, is sourced from the United States and Canada.
  • Thanks to advanced engineering and mining techniques, natural gas can be extracted from different mineral formations, including shale, thereby increasing the projected supply to another 100 years.
  • Natural gas technology continues to improve, making it 40 percent more efficient than 60 or 70 years ago. This means less butane and other natural gas derivatives are used each year than in decades past.
  • Because of the sheer quantities available, natural gas and its offspring are more reliable than other energy sources, including wind and solar.
  • Butane is versatile and can be used in cigarette lighters, torches, stoves, and many other products and applications.

The Many Uses of Butane

With the exception of a parent or other adult telling you as a child not to sniff butane — a great piece of advice, by the way — you probably gave little thought over the years to the utility offered by this natural gas derivative. In fact, chances are better than average that you benefited in some way from butane and never realized it. Why? Because Power 7x butane and others have many applications, some obvious while others, not so much. Consider this:

  • Colibri’s lineup of fine lighters share one thing in common — all are butane powered. The same holds true for many competing lighter brands such as those produced by Vector, with the popular Nitro torch and their table-top lines.
  • If you ever watched your favorite cooking show and wondered how Chef So-and-So made crème Brule look so easy to prepare, here is the answer: A nifty little culinary torch made for caramelizing sugar toppings or even searing meats and vegetables.
  • Butane is available in easy to use bottles and cartridges, making it easy to refill a camping stove, or other sources of heat.
  • That funny looking hybrid bus you saw churning downtown recently? Yep, most likely powered by liquefied petroleum gas, a mixture of butane and propane.
  • Highly pure and refined butane has other uses, too, including as a refrigerant, propellant in aerosol cans, and cordless hair irons.

If you have not guessed already, butane is a pretty amazing derivative of natural gas that has a vast number of consumer and industrial grade applications. Whether you are a cigar aficionado interested in a classic Colibri torch lighter, or looking for a more efficient method of cooking outdoors year round, call the experts at Butane Source today for the latest information on butane refill bottles and accessories. If you want to look at a Material Safety Data Sheet or have any questions, chances are we have the answer, so hit our contact page to get in touch.