Refined butane has been the fuel of choice for cigarette and cigar smokers for decades. You may not know that there are options beyond your convenience store BIC lighter, but the world of powerful cigar lighters is constantly innovating and producing stylish new designs. There’s something for everybody from among these ten interesting butane lighters.

What are the Coolest Butane Lighters on the Market Today?

  1. Colibri Enterprise III
  2. Vector ThunderbirdJulius Lowenthal, the founder of Colibri, revolutionized cigarette lighters in 1928 when he designed a semiautomatic butane lighter that was smaller, sleeker, and less dangerous than earlier models. Ever since, Colibri has set the standard for butane lighters with stylish designs and powerful flames; Colibri is the lighter company to beat. Aesthetically, the Enterprise III is available in a number of sleek metal textures like satin chrome, gunmetal, matte black and rose gold-tone. This powerful triple-jet flame lighter has a fuel level window and features a single-action side push ignition.

  3. Vector Thunderbird
  4. These sleek, classic refillable butane lighters from Vector are highly customizable and feature a no proof warranty. The Thunderbird is a wind-resistant flip-top lighter that adds a bit of sophistication to any smoking experience. Picture yourself in a film noir with a vintage copper, chrome, or brass textured lighter or go for a more modern look with bright colors and smooth finishes. Lighters can be embossed with their signature eagle or imprinted with a custom logo with stamps, engraving, or etching. The Vector Thunderbird ignites using flint and burns clean-smelling butane.

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Most homeowners rarely think long and hard about where their power comes from. We use electricity, natural gas, or oil to heat our homes, food, and water, and don’t pay much attention to other ways to obtain fuel until we are left without it. If you’re forced to get those basic human necessities outside of your home, however, you start to encounter a lot more choices about how to cook your food or heat yourself, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. When you need a portable fuel source for heat and fire, nine times out of ten, refined butane is the best way to go. But don’t just take our word for it; read on to discover why you should be using butane.

What are the Uses of Bottled Butane?

While people are most familiar with butane through the use of disposable or refillable pocket cigarette lighters, there are many other uses of both pure butane and butane-propane blends for consumers. Butane bottles are used for a wide range of devices and purposes, including:

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