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Butane torches in assorted colors by Newport Butane

The butane torch is valued for, among other things, its ability to focus an intense amount of heat into a small area. Butane torch lighters are a favorite among dabbers but they have myriad other uses as well.

Artisans use them to create jewelry. Campers use them for everything from lighting grills to starting campfires to lighting camp stoves, cutting rope and more. And they have scores of applications in dentistry, optometry, pharmacology and general medicine.

Another place you will find butane torches are restaurant kitchens, where they’re used to sear meat and fish and to produce a variety of glazes. If you are an artist, chef, hiker, or medical professional chances are a butane torch will make your life a lot easier. But how do you find just the right one for you? By reading on, that’s how.

Six Things to Look for in a Butane Torch

Before you lay down your hard-earned money on a butane torch read the following list of six things to be mindful of.

Intended Use

Those intending to use their butane torch for lighting cigars or gas grilles will not need the same type of butane torch as someone who plans to use theirs for dabbing. If you’re buying a butane torch to help you make jewelry you’ll need a more precisely focused flame than a chef would to sear food.

Number of Flames

Many butane torches are equipped with multiple flame heads. For lighting grills or cigars such a torch would be ridiculous overkill. However, if you plan to use your torch outdoors to light campfires in windy conditions, having multiple flames can be a definite plus. Just remember that more flames means faster burning of your Puretane, Ignitus or Newport butane.

Flame Adjustment

Many (not all) butane torches are available with adjustable flames. This is an important consideration with jewelry makers, chefs or anyone for that matter who wants more precise control over the burn. If you need an adjustable flame don’t assume the butane torch you have your eye on will provide it. Check to be sure before buying.

Safety Lock

A butane torch can be an extremely powerful heat source that is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. If you have small children in the house make sure the torch you purchase has a safety lock on it. Not having one could lead to serious unintended consequences.

Burn Time

Having a dependable torch if you are hunting or hiking in the mountains is important, especially if the weather is cold or damp. The last thing you want if you are on an extended backcountry odyssey is to unexpectedly run out of fuel. Always check the burn time on your torch before buying it.


There are an awful lot of butane torches on the market today. They range from small, single flame torches that cost a few dollars, to large multi-flame torches that fill your hand and can cost $30 or more. If you’re going to pay $30 or more for a torch make certain it meets all of your requirements and then some.


The butane torch is more than just a lighter. It’s a tool designed to meet a plethora of needs both prosaic and sophisticated. Whether you are a dabber or medical professional it is important that you determine what you need from a butane torch before you start shopping for one, and that you read all the specifications of the torch before you spend your money on it. Keep the above considerations in mind and you should wind up with the torch you need.