Why Refined Butane is Better for Jet Torches

Refined butane has an incredible range of uses but, like many other products derived from natural resources -- in this case, gas -- it is often taken for granted. Most people never think twice about butane, until the lighter they use to light a birthday candle fails, or their natural gas powered barbecue grill peters out midway through cooking dinner.

What is Butane?

Discovered in the early 20th century, refined butane is a byproduct of natural gas processing. It is highly flammable and low cost to produce, and is used in many different applications at consumer and industrial level. For the average person, butane is most recognizable because of its widespread use in refillable or disposable cigarette lighters, outdoor cooking and Tiki torches, among other uses. Commercially, butane serves as a fuel source for a wide variety of high powered torches used to cut steel, for instance.

Why Refined Butane is Better for Jet Torches

Advanced technology has created a number of competitors when it comes to butane-powered jet torches.

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