Puretane 11X – Case – 9 Bottles



Please Read: Puretane is currently shipping 420ml bottles in 9 pack cases which is more butane for less.

300ml x 12 = 3,600 mls | 420ml x 9 = 3,780 mls

Case of Puretane 11X Ultra Refined Butane – 9 Bottles.

Each bottle is 420ML.

Puretane Refined Butane is one of the very few kinds of highly refined bottled butane refills that are made in the United States which means you can trust the plant it was made in was free of any contaminants. It boasts a 99.9998% purity and is among the very best butane you can get.

It’s laboratory grade n-butane, with only 0.0002% ISO Butane in the mix.

Each bottle comes in at 420ML and the can states that it’s a food grade canister, BPA-free liner, with zero toxic lubricants. Being a US based company ourselves, Butane Source is proud to carry this exceptionally high quality butane on our site for all of our customers to have access to. They have a very thorough MSDS as well which is available via the button click above or on our MSDS page.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 9 in