Lucienne – Master Case



Master Case of Lucienne Ultra Refined Butane – 72 Bottles.

Each bottle is 300ML.

Lucienne Ultra Refined Butane is made in the United Kingdom in the Keen plant and bears the Near Zero logo. The label states that it is supreme quality butane. Lucienne butane is comparable to Newport, Colibri, and Stok.

Often referred to as “triple” or “quadruple” refined, due to an older bottle design and different manufacturing processes, the Lucienne we carry is in fact neither of those. In actuality Lucienne Supreme Quality Butane is refined beyond that to meet the same MSDS standards as other butanes manufactured by Keen in England under the Near Zero label such as Newport and Stok.

The Lucienne brand is well known in the cigar industry for both their innovative lighters as well as their cigar cutters. They’ve produced other, lower quality, butanes in the past but in partnering with Keen this current iteration of their butane is at the peak when it comes to purity, quality, and burn.

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 11 in